The Future of Work

Reigniting a Love Affair between Talent and Opportunity.

Employment {Re}imagined

Modernizing archaic employment model that result in career mismatch.

Dig A Little Deeper

Explore ranked matches to discover innately compatible opportunities.

Win Win

When Career and PASSION® work together, expect higher Productivity, Creativity, and Happiness.

"Everyone is a genius."

"But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein

Introducing PROPASSIONAL®, a revolutionary Opportunity Matching platform

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The Future of Work is Here!

PROPASSIONAL is a revolutionary new Opportunity Matching mobile platform aiming at solving our outdated employment model that results in career mismatch and tremendous economic loss.

PROPASSIONAL® platform offers three services based on its innovative ranked deeper compatibility matching system – social discovery and professional networking, full-time opportunities matching, and Xlancing: a radical freelancing model.

It starts with building your personalized profile by honing in on the often-ignored foundational factor in creating a career journey for your life: “What am I innately wired for?

Too many professionals are stuck in a rut and resigned to the notion that they don’t have what it takes to be an extraordinary achiever. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but occupation mismatch and lack of individual clarity about purpose and passions leave professionals feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and uncertain about how to turn things around in their careers.

Employers feel today’s widespread career mismatch in the form of tremendous economic loss and lackluster organizational performance. PROPASSIONAL solves this age-old problem by enabling professionals to connect with opportunities based on innate professional PASSION® (innate A-player attributes) – instead of following a standardized career path.

PROPASSIONAL will regularize preferred employment practices for everyone by tapping into profound depths and exposing often-ignored natural passion and traits that elevate performance and enable sustainable satisfaction. When jobs align with innate passions, both sides benefit equally from higher productivity, creativity, and happiness. The potential for innovation and progress becomes limitless.

“Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows.” ― Henry David Thoreau



It starts from your roots: the often-ignored constant core of personal attributes.


It’s all about deeper professional compatibility–not just skills, availability, and what you are good at.

Social Discovery

Connect and network with those who get you and share your professional passions.

No Mismatch

Prevents time-consuming and costly misaligned careers.

No Sifting

Eliminates sorting through mounds of profiles and inefficient keyword hunt.

No Randoms

The innovative matching algorithm enables higher engagement quality.

P.S.S. Dimensions of Compatibility - We dig a little deeper to measure compatibility with an opportunity.


What you Love to do?
Research shows that people’s “innate professional passions” are the number one predictor of fulfillment.


What are your key competencies?
You posses a unique blend of competencies, that you know how to apply them to make you effective at any job.


What skill sets you’ve developed.
A complete inventory of Specific, Transferable, and Unique skill sets are necessary to measuring practical compatibility.

A win-win for job market!

Break free of the arbitrary employment traditions that have failed you and let the world discover you on a profound level, starting from your innate professional passion.

Dig deeper and assess what your opportunity is about at its very core. What qualities make your best professionals stand out from the rest? What is it that you need more of? What innate professional passion, strengths, and skills support your mission?


How It Works


Network and exchange with ranked Propassional matches that can mentor and identify possible opportunities.


Connect with ranked Opportunity matches to learn more, inquire, and take things to the next level.


A truly radical concept, Book a ranked freelancing opportunity match with just one click!

Career 3.X

PROPASSIONAL has developed an innovative app that enables alignment of intrinsic passions and natural aptitudes with fulfilling careers. Employers will equally benefit from a higher productivity, creativity, and happiness from such an aligned workforce.

Professional PASSION® is not meant as a cliché scenario played out in motivational speeches. We believe having a career aligned with your purpose and innate passion is a fundamental human right. There is an innate PROPASSIONAL in every person. Claim yours.

The Death Of Traditional Employment Model
First-generation job boards are becoming extinct in a shifting landscape dominated by Web 2.0. A recent report shows that the big job search sites are rapidly losing their grip on the recruiting market.

Employers are looking for more than a name on a resume, and social media is not an answer to all needs.

The alarming fact is that only less than 20% of the workforce love what they do. The annual cost of workforce discontent to the American economy is estimated at $550 billion! It’s time for an inside-out occupational awakening-an entirely new recruitment approach. A PROPASSIONAL economy.