PROPASSIONAL is a revolutionary new Opportunity Matching mobile platform aiming at solving our outdated employment model that results in career mismatch and tremendous economic loss. The app utilizes a profile system based on a deeper career compatibility approach in providing its ranked matches. The PROPASSIONAL system begins by honing in on the often-ignored foundational factor in creating a career journey for your life: “What am I innately wired for?” We are calling it ‘innate professional PASSION®.’

Who should use PROPASSIONAL?

Everyone in all walks of the employment ecosystem! We have built the app to enable both the workforce and the recruitment.

If you are a job seeker you should definitely use PROPASSIONAL. If you seek to take your professional network to new depths via social discovery then you should use PROPASSIONAL.

If you are in recruitment and you aspire to discover the most compatible talents then PROPASSIONAL is your long-awaited genie! We think that professionals in the workforce fall into one of three groups: 1) people who know their innate professional passion and working aligned with it, 2) people who know their innate career passion but are not working aligned with it, 3) people who do not know their innate career passion and not working aligned with it.

We envision a sizeable population in group 3 will require insightful help with discovering or rediscovering their innate professional passion in order to build the most mindful and effective portfolio on PROPASSIONAL app. This introduces opportunities with new revenue potential for the community of career-advising practitioners. We hope to partner with like-minded industry coaches, advisors, and practitioners in providing invaluable service.

How to start with PROPASSIONAL?
The user signs in with their E-mail account. Then you are sent through a setup process to fill out your distinctive PROPASSIONAL profile.

Can I invite my Facebook and LinkedIn friends to join PROPASSIONAL?

How can I message a user that I find compatible?
First, you must send an invite to connect. Your invitation will need to be accepted to chat within the application.

I rejected a user’s request to connect; will I have another chance to see it?
In future updated versions of the app, yes.

Is PROPASSIONAL available for Android?
Not right now. It’s on its way.

I am a job provider interested in posting an OPPORTUNITY on PROPASSIONAL. How can I do that?
You can set up your account through the PROPASSIONAL ‘OPPORTUNITY’ link on the home page. This will allow you to set up an OPPORTUNITY specific profile in your account.

When will the OPPORTUNITY multi-posting feature be available?
It’s on its way.

PROPASSIONAL was conceived by The Thinker Tank, an independent product and business ideation foundry with entrepreneurial imagination, fostering concepts that aim to make meaningful social and economic impacts.