We believe engaged work on aligned ‘innate’ passion and purpose is a fundamental human right. Living a life of authentic self (who you are) is your birthright–regardless of socioeconomic demands.

PROPASSIONAL is a revolutionary new Opportunity Matching mobile platform aiming at solving our outdated employment model that results in career mismatch and tremendous economic loss.

PROPASSIONAL® platform offers three services based on its innovative ranked deeper compatibility matching system – social discovery and professional networking, full-time opportunities matching, and Xlancing-a radical freelancing model.

It starts with building your personalized profile by honing in on the often-ignored foundational factor in creating a career journey for your life: “What am I innately wired for?

Too many professionals are stuck in a rut and resigned to the notion that they don’t have what it takes to be an extraordinary achiever. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but occupation mismatch and lack of individual clarity about purpose and passions leave professionals feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and uncertain about how to turn things around in their careers.

Employers feel today’s widespread occupation mismatch in the form of tremendous economic loss and lackluster organizational performance. PROPASSIONAL solves this age-old problem by enabling professionals to connect with opportunities based on innate professional PASSION® (innate A-player attributes) – instead of following a standardized career path.

PROPASSIONAL will regularize preferred employment practices for everyone by tapping into profound depths and exposing often-ignored passion and traits that elevate performance and enable sustainable satisfaction. When occupations align with innate passions, all sides benefit equally from higher productivity, creativity, and happiness. The potential for innovation and progress becomes limitless.

Innate A Player = Innate Professional Passion = PROPASSIONAL



Siamak is a Silicon Valley product design alum turned entrepreneur.

{Re}imagining “the Future of Work” – he believes having a profession aligned with your innate passion and purpose is a fundamental human right. Living a life of authentic self (who you are) is your birthright–regardless of socioeconomic demands.

A natural born idea engine with non~linear imagination, Siamak’s focused particularly on radical innovations and disruption of our current antiquated employment model.

He is fluently multi-cultural, well-travelled and insanely perceptive.

Siamak truly enjoys the time he spends crafting ideas at Ideation Foundry, a boutique ideation firm he created based on the premise that “Ideas Are The New Currency.” He is particularly drawn to ideas offering meaningful social and economic impacts. His entrepreneurial perspective is powered by a diverse experience in unique mix of design, startups, and technology.

Prior to the Ideation Foundry, Siamak founded and managed design and engineering consulting firms that provided onshore and offshore concept-to-production product development including industrial design, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and project lifecycle management services to Tech startups and Fortune 500 companies. Most projects demanded managing complex problems, attacking each decision with a fresh perspective on the different, often conflicting aspects of product requirements.

Siamak holds a MS from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BA from UOP.